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Grey Borders Books is interested in works that confront and challenge contemporary social norms.  We are interested in reading works of poetry, fiction (all genres) and non-fiction. There are no length restrictions; however, we are looking for full manuscripts for trade publication as well as smaller works for chapbook publication.

We are also accepting submissions for Grey Borders Magazine and Daddy: a cultural anthology. Submission forms can be found below.

Feel free to contact us with questions before submission.


mail: PO Box 30037, 5125 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, L2H 1C0


Grey Borders Books: poetry, fiction (all genres), and non-fiction as well as experimental works. No page limit.

Grey Borders Magazine

Grey Borders Magazine is looking for submissions of 5-15 pages for new works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art. On acceptance authors/artists will receive $25 (Canadian) and one (1) copy of the issue in which their work appears. We are interested in works that contemplate and challenge contemporary social norms.

Daddy: a cultural anthology (submission)

DADDY: A CULTURAL ANTHOLOGY (dad ·dy) Whether you use the term daddy or daddy issues or maybe even zaddy, the word has seen a recent cultural resurgence. We want to know what it brings up for you. Love it? Hate it? Grossed out by it? Does it remind you of Freudian theory? Does the phenomenon of young women calling their boyfriends daddy make you uncomfortable? Does it bring up associations with the kink community? Or maybe the term is actually a trigger word for you. For survivors of childhood trauma, it could be extremely distressing. Whichever is true for you, we want to hear your personal responses. Whether that is in the form of poetry, fiction, essays, or visual artwork, we want to know your own reflections and meditations on the word daddy. The selected works will be published in an extensive anthology by Grey Borders Books.