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Wanted Works Winner 2016


Kenneth Pobo

"Dust and Chrysanthemums"


Kenneth Pobo has seven full-length books and twenty chapbooks published.  His work appears in: The Fiddlehead, Grain, Mudfish, Hawaii Review, Caesura, and elsewhere.  Catch him on Saturday nights on widecast doing his Internet radio show called Obscure Oldies.  Things he loves: the garden, northern Wisconsin, owls and loons, Tommy James and the Shondells, and his favorite lyric poem “Binsey Poplars” by Gerard Manley Hopkins.


some comments on "Dust and Chrysanthemums":

"An interesting story of life, of the stages of it, and how a life can influence another is the core of this work. Sometimes existential, the work has themes of exploration and continuance. A contemplative work that is well written, telling a rounded story that can be large in the small moments."
"Ken Pobo is a very good writer. “Dust and Chrysanthemums” reads a bit like a memoir in poetry – and it works. I found the writing very confident, the imagery taut, and the narrative spun by the poems intriguing."
"These poems...defy any world-weary expectations I had for them. They are quiet, understated, and deeply empathetic."
"This is easily my favourite collection."


Wanted Works Contest 2016 - the Short List

Jon Lepp, "Hopping On" - poetry

Dane Swan, "Tuesday" - fiction

Piotr Pawlowski, "Wintergreen Studio Press" - poetry

Lynne Viti, "Shades at the Reunion" - poetry

Kenneth Pobo, "Dust and Chrysanthemums" - poetry



"Dust & Chrysanthemums"

by Kenneth Pobo

(to be published 2017)

1st edition, 2017

perfect bound




Born and raised in the Niagara Peninsula, not far from the Welland Canal, Terri Favro is an award-winning freelance copywriter and writer of fiction, creative non-fiction and humour articles. Her work has been published by magazines, journals and sites, including Prism, Geist, Grain, Accenti, Lies With Occasional Truth, More and Riddle Fence, among others. Terri is currently collaborating with artist Ron Edding on a series of graphic stories based on the Facer Street area of St. Catharines. Terri lives in Toronto.


Jade Alyssa Wallace is a St. Catharines writer living in Toronto who divides time between sleeping, drafting stories, working at a legal aid clinic, and being part of a band called The Leafy Greens that does ukulele covers of metal songs.

James Millhaven spends his time in Downtown St. Catharines. His latest work, Thirty, was published for the Niagara Literary Arts Festival 2015. He has two previous chapbooks, Edges and As Well, published by Grey Borders Books. Untitled #33 was a one act play by James, workshopped and performed by Edwin Conroy Jr., Graham Shaw and Heather Lowe as part of the In The Soil Festival 2015.

Priscilla Brett is a Canadian poet, author and artist. She lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where she is currently the Director of the Niagara Literary Arts Festival, Editor at Grey Borders Books and Director of Arts and Advertising for Coyote Watch Canada. She is the co-creator of the Hearthside Hearings, a web-based reading series which promotes freedom of expression and creativity in the literary community. She currently has two books in print “God, Death, And The Universe” (grey borders books 2010) and “The Tales Of HIM: Tales 1-5” (grey borders books 2011) and has numerous editing and artistic credits through Grey Borders Books.

Jordan Fry is publisher of Grey Borders, managing editor of Grey Borders Magazine and author of several chapbooks.