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Deb Nanson

Deb Nanson is a social activist and founder of numerous rehabilitation, drop-in and outreach programs throughout the Niagara corridor. She provides legal advocacy, outreach and rehabilitation for women in all stages of the legal system. She can often be found at one of her various pop-up parking lot food banks, or at one of her many street-level outreach locations, providing sustenance and enrichment to the most marginalized and ignored in society. He written work focuses on her past hardships, present realities and struggles, and her dreams for the future.


about Evergreen 2

The second chapbook to be released by Deb Nanson, these poems were written during her incarceration and eventual rehabilitation. Detailing her journeys, struggles, addictions and losses, Evergreen 2  measures the past with an honest voice. These poems are brutally honest, open and tender.


from Evergreen 2


-Dec 30/04


reaching deeper than i thought i could ever reach inside my mind, i have

touched a place that was so deeply wounded

there was nothing dysfunctional love could do to dull this ache, the ache

i have no means to repair in a normal setting

welcome to my world complete with physical abuse, verbal abuse and with

some sad reason a place to perform this unwritten play called my life

reaching deep i realize that the feelings i carry are of fear based


an emotion i shall carry through out my existence on this family


then i found i could do that also along with be able to find a new way to

to alleviate the pain stuff down the anger

go on with life as i know it to be


more beatings



entering this feeling of an i do not have to take anymore of this

enter drugs


men sex condoms, no condoms, no sex just act of false pretenses one

might say

i'd say robbery

enter the robberies of life

robbery of self