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Mori McCrae

Mori McCrae has lived on the western crook of Lake Ontario all her life.  Born in Toronto, she grew up in Port Credit, then studied Fine Art at the Ontario College of Art.  She graduated with Honours in 1984.  Her journey continued, relocating her to Grimsby and finally St. Catharine’s, where she began to write poetry.  She’s settled in a house nicknamed The Hobbit with her husband and two dogs.


from Shelf Life

Demolition of the Dieu

The Hotel Dieu is coming down
like a hospital gown
inner cubicles exposed
walls tent-folding
before the cuticle of
a faint October moon
private places
no-one sees
unless they have too.
Voices carry, calling out five o’clock
the demolition crew stows instruments
tool belts, dust settles,
machines sputter-off.
Sunset’s fireball throws
multiple rays of red orange
fingering derailed corridors
concrete slabs of broken scapula
rebar’s wild extrusion into thin air.
What remains?
The custodian of our bones
and flesh may sigh, resolved
high on a precipice
frail, soundless
yet untouched—
the south wing stands
blinds half drawn
against traffic noise,
where work renews Monday.


"Shelf Life"

by Mori McCrae

available April 29th, 2017

1st edition, 2017

saddle stitch