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Maida Sosa-Velazquez

Maida Sosa-Velazquez is an impassioned writer who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and raised in Toronto, Canada. She majored in Professional Writing at York University and also completed the school’s competitive Creative Writing program. Since graduating, Maida has transformed her love of writing into a number of short stories and poems. She also regularly performs spoken word pieces that detail her varied experiences as a woman and minority.


from Mind the Tracks (2018)

April 17, 2017

The women ramble into one another,
secrets spilling at each stop.
They glide over tracks that split reputations,
twitching ankles at the ends of crossed legs.
He hears about what happened on Wednesday
They don’t know he works there too.


April 25, 2017

A bud in a tree
in a neighbourhood far away
throbs in her head, suckling the grey.
She sees green for the first time.
It loops in and out of train windows,
curving seats and curling around passengers.
She open her mouth to tell them,
and leaves fall out.